The Global Freedom Center’s mission is to foster an expanded, knowledgeable and mobilized global community against human trafficking that will identify and assist more trafficked persons and develop the policies and strategies required to prevent modern slavery.
We envision global intolerance of slavery. Where people worldwide know that slavery exists and rally against it in their own capacity. Where the cultural norm is that slavery is abhorrent and, as such, rare.

To achieve this mission, the Global Freedom Center:

Educates a broad range of professionals to identify and assist trafficked persons and prevent trafficking through cutting edge elearning and critical partnerships.


Networks anti-trafficking professionals and provide them with advanced professional development and capacity building, leveraging innovative technology to expand participation.

Through the Center’s 5/20 Campaign, we will train five million professionals by the year 2020 to identify and prevent human trafficking. The Center targets eight largely untapped professional fields that must engage in anti-slavery efforts: education, health, labor and employment, immigration and migration, criminal justice, social services, journalism, and the corporate sector.