Global Freedom Center trainings help you identify or prevent human trafficking. The trainings are fully customized and can be delivered online or onsite.

Our expert attorneys each have more than a dozen years of experience in human trafficking education and training. We offer an extensive array of training programs, tailored to your industry, profession and learning goals. Whether you need online course development, a one-time or series of webinars, a train the trainers course, an update of existing training, or an on-site delivery, we can help.

Sample training topics include:

  • Human Trafficking, Compliance and Risk Mitigation: For Corporate Social Responsibility Professionals
  • Human Trafficking, Compliance and Risk Mitigation: For Social Auditors
  • Human Trafficking Compliance as required by FAR 52.222.50 and Executive Order: Strengthening Protections Against Trafficking In Persons In Federal Contracts: For Corporate Employees
  • Improving Compliance under the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657): For Corporate Counsel, Corporate Social Responsibility Professionals, and Industry Coalitions
  • Improving Compliance under Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.222-50 Combating Trafficking in Persons: For Federal Contractors
  • Policies and Practices to Prevent Human Trafficking: For Human Resources and Procurement Specialists
  • School-System Responses to Human Trafficking: For School Administrators and Educators
  • Human Trafficking Identification: For City/County Employees
  • Human Trafficking Identification and Service Delivery: For Social Workers, Case Managers, Community-based Organizations & Other Service Providers
  • Human Trafficking Train the Trainers: For Awareness-raising, Service-providing, Grassroots, and Community-based Organizations Offering Human Trafficking Trainings in the Community
  • Human Trafficking Identification and Protocols: For Health Care Systems and Providers
  • Identifying and Advocating for Trafficked Persons: For Workers’ and Labor Rights Organizers
  • Providing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services to Trafficked Persons: For Service Providers
  • Human Trafficking Identification & Legal Representation: For Immigration, Civil or Criminal Defense Attorneys & Pro Bono Law Firm Programs)
  • Identification and Anti-trafficking Services Within Migrant Communities: For Immigrant Community Service Providers
  • Strategies for Working with Trafficked Persons Who Have Experienced Trauma: For Service Providers
  • Strategies for Working with Trafficked Persons Who Have Experienced Trauma: For Criminal Justice Personnel
  • Implementing a Multidisciplinary Approach Among Criminal Justice Professionals and Victim Service Providers

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Not sure how this training applies to your work?  With training, the following professionals have the potential to identify or prevent human trafficking:

  • Corporate Supply Chain Professional
  • Corporate Executive Management
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Immigrant/Migrant Community Advocate/Service Provider
  • Medical Professional
  • Hospital/Medical Administrator
  • Teacher
  • School Administrator
  • Trial Attorney
  • Labor or Worker Rights Advocate
  • Private Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Public Defender
  • Prosecutor
  • Law Enforcement
  • Journalist
  • Social Workers
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program
  • Government Agencies
  • Pro Bono Corporate Attorney