Join the 5/20 Campaign: Help us meet the goal to TRAIN 5 MILLION professionals by 2020 to identify and prevent human trafficking

Until now, only law enforcement and victim service providers have taken action, leaving a wide gap between the 27 million trafficked and the 42,000 identified. Trafficked persons are hidden in plain sight. Until you see it, it's hard to believe.

I couldn't keep my eyes open at school. That's when my teacher started asking questions.

I never wanted to trust anyone with my story because my trafficker told me I would get in trouble.
Even those who wanted to help didn't understand that.

The doctor told me I was severely malnourished but never asked why.

Labor inspectors came through and we thought everything would change, but then they left.

We have a solution. And you can be a part of it. We need a broader range of professionals throughout our communities to identify or prevent trafficking in the course of their daily work. Professionals need information about trafficking but more importantly they need to know what action to take. The 5/20 Campaign gives professionals everything they need through innovative multimedia training and networking.

  • A health care provider can screen for trafficking in patients seeking assistance after sexual assault or a workplace injury.
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault service providers can integrate trafficked persons into their services.
  • Journalists can craft sophisticated stories that inspire professionals and communities to act.
  • Local businesses can create policies to prevent labor violations and trafficking in their supply chains. Their patrons can make informed consumer choices.
  • And more across the professions of education, health, labor and employment, immigration and migration, criminal justice, social services, journalism, and the corporate sector.

Join the 5/20 Campaign today. Please donate today to support the Center's trainings in your community. Contact the Center to train your employees or members. Every trained participant is one of the 5 million professionals in the Campaign. By supporting us or receiving training, you can be the difference in identifying and preventing human trafficking that is often right in front of us.