Why immigration & migration?

Globally, 29% of human trafficking occurs after crossing a border. Human traffickers target economic migrants and those migrating because of lack of education, political and climate instability, discrimination and conflict. They use lack of knowledge about legal protections to compel service, often by withholding immigration documents and threatening deportation.

Prevention strategies in countries of origin and destination include regulating labor recruiters and prohibiting recruitment fees, fortifying regulations for high risk visa categories, expanding immigration protections, and providing information to migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons. Identification efforts focus on screening migrants within the immigration system and by organizations serving them, to connect them to critical services and in some countries protect them from deportation.

The Global Freedom Center offers customized training and consulting to professionals interacting with or charged with the protection of migrants, refugees and immigrants. Our assistance extends to government agencies granting immigration protections and enforcing immigration law, judges and court personnel, and embassy and consular staff; refugee, development, and immigrant rights organizations, immigration attorneys; and other organizations working within refugee and migrant communities.

ARTICLE: Undocumented Immigrants Overlooked in Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts, Race Talk