Why labor & employment?

Globally, labor trafficking comprises 78% of human trafficking. Labor trafficking is at the end of the spectrum of labor violations and exploitation, often criminalized. As a result, many forms of labor exploitation are indicators of human trafficking including unfair wages, poor working conditions, discrimination, child labor, sexual harassment and prohibitions on collective bargaining. Anyone working to address labor conditions is positioned to identify those who are or have been enslaved and offer trafficked people access to protections. With training, these professionals can improve and expand screenings and interviews, expand labor inspections, offer workers information on their rights, and make referrals for appropriate services.

The Global Freedom Center offers customized training and consulting to professionals who are protecting, assisting or upholding workers’ rights, including labor and safety inspectors, unions, attorneys, workers’ rights advocates, nongovernmental organizations, and government labor ministries and departments.

FACT SHEET: Women: Invisible in Labor and Labor Trafficking